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New CD - out now on CDBaby

Hi Everyone,

After working on it for the better part of 2 years, it is finally here: my new cd: "What I'm here for"- with 15 brand new songs. The reason it has taken this long is that, after trying hard and long to find the "right" people to work with, it became apparent that doing it all myself would be quicker and the whole thing would reflect my work and my ideas much better than working with others. Due to the fact that a lot of the songs are quite personal and I have a clear idea of what I wanted my music, my songs to be about and how they should be arranged and orchestrated, working alone made the whole thing much easier.

 It's been quite a long road up to this point. After leading several projects like "entre Amigos", cd: "Sudden Move" or "Whitehouse", cd: "Games" with my good friend Stephan Simon, touring the south of Germany for years and having the song "Cuentan que él" from the Album "Games" on no less than 3 episodes of the award winning US tv series "The Shield", I felt the time had come at last to really do it all myself.  Having been born in Spain, grown up in England and lived in Germany for over 20 years, I am really looking foward to the feedback from all those that waited so patiently for the finished product, as it is the culmination of years of experiences in 3 quite different societies, of friendships, relationships, laughter and tears, ups and downs and all the other little things that make up this great "ride" that we sometimes call life.



Inspired by the great story tellers, the likes of Billy Joel, Paul Simon or Eagles, JAAP will certainly keep you entertained for the duration of this great new album "What I'm here for". With such songs as "How much more" he takes the words right out of our mouths if you have ever watched the daily news. "The walls" inspired by the very current events in Gaza. "Half the song" as told through his daughter's eyes. The wonderful dreamy "While we dance", with a beautiful fresh take at a love song or "Pirates and blindmen" depicting the inaptitude of politicians and bankers in this day and age. The story of the begger he had not seen for weeks when he wrote "Down on Caroliner Street" which happens to be the street where he lives. Remembering the over 3.000 people that drowned in the floods in Pakistan 3 years ago in "Ashes to ashes" or giving a thought to his own father that passed away 6 years ago in "Once again". "Something for my soul" will remind most of us of the urges and desires that go beyond the material things. For the (too) many who perished in the Mediterrenean, while looking for a decent life on the shores of Europe, he gives us "I will be waiting". His latin roots can be heard on "In the barrio de San Juan". A song that will certainly make you move. The haunting "What I'm here for" - the last track on the album of the same name - where your conscience will more than likely get the better of you. All these and the rest of the other tracks (15 in all) on this refreshing new album will take you on a journey that will certainly remain with you for a long, long while. Enjoy!!!  -   A. Ojamies