I wonder how I got here.

How did it come to this.

The last thing I remember

about last night

I swear was her first kiss

The rest is all kind of foggy.

I know we didn’t have the wine

But it’s hard now to remember

up here from cloud 9

It must have been the moonlight

It must have been the fragrance

of her perfume

That made it all seem so right,

so perfect, so attuned

I heard the angels singing

I heard heavenly choirs coming from above

cathedral bells were ringing, Lawd!

Is this what they call love?

Don’t ask me how I got here,

cause I haven’t got a clue

I see her right here next to me,

and I can’t believe it’s true

The rest is all kind of foggy.

I swear I don’t recall

There’s nothing left to memory at all

It must have been the moonlight….

It all sounds kind of funny,

I know it must sound strange

Though some will understand

there will be others who

Think I am deranged

But I know just what I’m feeling

and feelings never lie

They don’t require reasons and

never ask you why

It must have been the moonlight…….