JAAP provides the listener with a new mixture of genres in the album Whitehouse Games:
From very western pop guitar compositions to blazing rock runs and licks, with lyrics that remind the listener that “the song” is back and in great force.
The songs "Games" are sung both in English and Spanish, uniquely combining both musical cultures on one single album.
His album "Whitehouse Games” contains 14 tracks, which also features the song “Cuentan que el” used in the US TV award winning series “The Shield”.




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Jaques Rubert

A great album

Listening to Whitehouse Games is definetly a pleasure.
The varied genre of the songs makes this album interesting.
Highly recomendable-5 Stars


Tim Jones

Great songs and a great album!

I recently listened to JAAP`s album Whitehouse Games and it was awesome--waiting that you guys get huge!

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Excellent adult rock/latin pop CD. Pick up a copy today!

Wow - Games is a gem! JAAP’s musicianship on this CD is very impressive. The music on the CD has many layers blended together to create a very rich sound, which is nicely highlighted by outstanding  vocals. The recording quality and production are top quality. The songwriting is excellent, with thought-provoking lyrics and memorable melodies above an excellent groove. The varied genre of the songs, from adult rock to latin pop, shows the band’s versatility and will keep your interest throughout. "Nobody to Blame" is an outstanding adult rock song that builds to a wonderful groove and hook-filled chorus. "No Me Quejo" is a memorable latin pop song with a catchy chorus. If you enjoy adult rock, adult pop, or latin pop you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

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A pleasant experience

Makes sense that the Spanish would be the ones to invent the guitar when you hear how the subtle inflections and characteristic and rhythmic style breathe life into this music.

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I love it

OMG, I really can't believe it. I knew only one song -"Cuentan que el" of course :)- and I just bought the full album because of it and thx God for this because this album is almost perfect. I really, really hope these guys will become big someday.

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Physics geeks like to distinguish between potential and kinetic energy…a ball on a table is all potential energy…a ball falling through the air has kinetic energy. The term “potential” is overused in the entertainment biz so I’m not going to use it here…JAAP is all kinetic energy. Listening to this CD is like taking the local express train to music Nirvana.
  He is a Man Of The World and the music he makes is cosmopolitan, varied and accomplished. The songs are a mix of English and Spanish language lyrics with good ballads, Western-style guitar riffs and, I think, just a touch of African spices added.
There’s some affecting Spanish ballads (and ballads always sound great when sung in one of the Latin languages) that are performed with feeling and skill. But don’t get the idea that this album is just Latin. In fact, the Latin rhythms don’t put in an appearance as the main feature of all the songs (that would be too easy…and boring).
Added to the feast is some good old fashioned Pop music combined with thoughtful lyrics and creative arrangements. You get horns showing up occasionally, not dominating the mix, but acting as counterpoint to everything else that’s going on. The horn thing seems to be making comeback (listen to Jeffy Jolly’s work for Blues horn examples) and I think we should welcome it.
I particularly enjoyed “The Games People Play”, “Nobody To Blame” (sounds like anything from Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat”) and “Sol En El Portal”.
Summary: A cheeky confection, unassuming yet assertive, lingers on the ears with a smooth satisfying finish. Enjoy with care as you may become dependent. Do not consume while driving as you will want room to shake your assets.

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gets a leg up over Major Label Artists with the album Whitehouse Games

It’s always exciting to see an artist take control of their careers and move with the professionalism that has Major Labels scratching their heads wondering where they missed the boat.
JAAP, with a blend of English and Spanish lyricism, is finding their way into a major arena of publicity. With a unique blend of influences crossing over classical, rock, and classic rock styles.
Although they are no strangers to worldwide publicity (a variety of music publications and air-play around the world), they have taken more affirmative action by securing a television spot with "The Shield".
The Shield is played on the FX network in the US and other networks Internationally. The show has recieved wide recognition for it’s controversial portrayal of corruption in the Los Angeles police department. With several Emmy nominations, and the contributions of extended roles from notable film actors such as Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker, it provides a great publicity opportunity for the band.
JAAP’s current release, "Games", features 14 tracks and includes the televised song, "Cuentan que el".