How much more


I heard the news today and I just could not find a way to put it all behind me,

 as I did yesterday

I could not believe my senses let’s leave out all false pretenses,

and start calling the baby by it’s name

Is it me or is this getting worse, it’s sometimes hard to tell

It’s not as if we did not have a choice, we’re just not good at choosing well


How much more will it take now

Before we turn around

How much more, before we burn it down


I think it’s amazing that in light of all we’re facing

there are still those who refuse to see the writing on the wall

Tell me what it takes for us to see our own mistakes

so we can throw away this madness once and for all

Maybe I’m just feeling down today, resistance running low

Maybe I just need to turn away, tomorrow I’ll rejoin the show


Summits, meetings, conferences, programmes, measures everyday

G8, Davos, everyone has a lot to say

Visionaries who make it all much better than before

Tell me how much more